Shay Parker, the host of Metaphysical Minds, is no stranger to the metaphysical community. Shay is the founder of Best American Psychics and Best American Healers. Both sites are Internet directories which focus on promoting professional, ethical, and reliable practitioners who specialize in metaphysical fields. Even with the existence of the two sites mentioned above, Shay noticed a greater need to publicly share the messages of gifted metaphysical practitioners, as well as those that are currently changing the world through their charities, causes, and more. As such, Metaphysical Minds was born. Shay began this journey several years ago as an admitted skeptic. However, even the strongest skeptic cannot deny the existence of an unseen power when they repeatedly experience illogical and unexplainable events first-hand. The mission of Metaphysical Minds, according to Shay, is to “promote an awareness of the unseen power and possibilities that exist for this world.” Shay adds, “Some of the greatest gifts and joys we will ever receive are directly in front of us, yet without the knowledge of how to access those gifts, many remain unrealized. It is my hope that the Metaphysical Minds that I interview on this show will help listeners unlock doors they would have never thought possible, and become their own ‘Crusaders of Change’.”

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